"A large part of a rap song’s success is the rapper’s ability to marry the right lyric to the right production. Tre Houston does just that with this latest single ["What Happened? (Movin')"] from his debut LP, Unorthodox. Tre’s vocal inflections, tempo changes, and clarity in enunciation make this tune even more appealing to mass audiences. The result is a hot radio and club track that distinguishes him as an artist with rapping skills, and not just a guy who raps. This track is worth the download. Get it today."

Gian Fiero - The Muse's Muse

"'Unique' might be a more apt word to describe the artist himself, rather than the title "Unorthodox". It's what to be expected from a 6'4, white rapper that was born Rowland Wickes Folensbee III. But you can delve deeper into his psyche by reading his own insight on the blog he uses to self-promote ( if you so choose. Southern rap gets a lot of guff for not being lyrical but Tre Houston aims to tear down those preconceptions by likening himself to such skillful emcees as Brother Ali, Common and Lupe Fiasco. While those are high standards, Tre does manage to bring a different style than the typical sound you are accustomed to from the Lone Star state by dropping an upbeat album without being needlessly misogynistic or gangsterous. Tre kicks off the album with "The City" and immediately the listener is introduced to an upbeat..."

Justin 'Tha Shiznute' Chandler -

"I like this single by Nashville-based hip-hop artist Tre Houston called "Home". It's a fun joint that has a nice blend of underground and commercial-ish hip hop flavor. The strings make it a lil commercial but the drum pattern brings us to the underground side and Tre's bars can go either way but they're tight. I also like that the track isn't overly produced, it's just right for me. "Home" is off Tre Houston's EP called "Live From Nowhere"."

"Home" Single Review - Sugar Cayne Music

Tre Houston Interview with Death Chamberz Music

Feature Interview with Towermix Online Magazine

Feature Interview with Belmont Vision Newspaper

Television/Movie Features

Song "Vegas" featured in the debut episode of national cable network The CW's reality show "Plain Jane".

The CW Television Network: Plain Jane

Songs "Vegas", "Let's Get Crazy", "Pretty Mama", "All Over The World" featured in the 5 episodes of national cable network The CW's reality show "Remodeled".

The CW Television Network: Remodeled

Song "Vegas" featured in Suave advertising campaign featuring Sofia Vergara and Theodore Leaf

Song "Vegas" featured on NBC Sports

Song "Vegas" featured on CBS Sports

Song "Pretty Mama" featured in the second episode of Netflix's original series "Hemlock Grove".

Netflix: Hemlock Grove

Song "Pretty Mama" featured in Turbo Kick workout DVD.

Turbo Kick

Song "Pretty Mama" featured in the ABC Family original film 

"Christmas Bounty"

ABC Family: Christmas Bounty

Song "Pretty Mama" featured in VH1's television show "Single Ladies".

VH1: Single Ladies

Song "All Over The World" featured in USA's television show "Rush".

USA: Rush

Song "It's Real" featured in Showtime's television show "House of Lies".

Showtime: House of Lies

Song "Let's Get Crazy" featured in Fox's television show "Glee".

Fox: Glee

Country song "Apple Pie Moonshine" co-written by Tre Houston featured in multiple episodes of WGN's television show "Outlaw Country".

WGN: Outlaw Country

Song "Pretty Mama" featured in Fox's "Empire"

Fox: Empire

Song "Let's Get Crazy" featured in CBS' "Stalker"

CBS: Stalker

Song "Let's Get Crazy" featured in ABC's "Blood & Oil"

ABC: Blood & Oil

Two video performance features on Pivot TV and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's new show "HitRECord on TV"

Pivot TV: HitRECord on TV


Endee Magazine Artist of the Week April 2013

International Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist 2013

Winner of the Belmont University Urban/Pop Showcase

Urban/Pop Feature of the Belmont University Best Of The Best Showcase 

Awarded Muse's Muse "Club Song of the Year" 2008 for the song "What Happened? (Movin')"

Product Features

"HITRECORD ON TV: Music From Season 1" 

Featuring Tre Houston on "Trash" and "The Otherside"

Available on iTunes

Song "Let's Get Crazy" featured as in-store demo song for the

"iKick501" Speaker Docking Station

Song "Storm Warning" featured in 

2011 Backside 5 Clothing Promo Video

Sponsored by Backside 5 Clothing

Sponsored by Luvin Feelin Clothing

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